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Gopalakrishna Textile Mills

Gopalakrishna Textile Mills is a yarn manufacturing unit and draws its lineage from the well-established Yadalam Group with over 7 decades of commitment to quality in the textile industry. We are fully equipped, modernized facility with a spinning capacity of 20,000 spindles which produces combed and carded yarns with a count range from 30s NE to 70s NE counts.Our raw material procurement is the most stringent and quality conscious. A dedicated team of cotton selectors screen and approve the raw material before it is allocated to the manufacturing process.

We systematically address the foremost concern of contamination by using latest generation, high productivity, automatic tuft opening and feeding machines. All our auto-coners have the latest version of contamination cleaners which completely eliminate polypropylene, jute, and other impurities.


We have installed state-of-the-art machinery which are both indigenous and imported from globally renowned industrial majors such as LMW and Muratec to ensure world-class quality on our range of products. At present, our yarn production capacity is 150 metric tonnes per month and with a target to double it within a short span.


Our state of the art equipment comprise of the following machines:

Department Machinery Make Model
Blow Room L.M.W Blow Room Line
Carding L.M.W LC300A V3/ LC361
Comber L.M.W LK.54
Ring Frame L.M.W LR/6-S

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